How accurate is redfin estimate reddit

680 vs 880! Lol how can it be so different? It shows 3 valuation providers: Collateral Analytics, CoreLogic and Quantarium each providing an estimate and the current list price. .

Today's current estimates: Zillow: $191,926 Redfin: $341,949. Power washing is an essential service that helps keep your property clean and well-maintained. Is that right? Redfin pulls it's data from recent sales of homes in the area so the estimates are really accurate. But do your research and look at compscom does show the REAL property history, identifying listing, delisting, and sales prices. Also, interest rates are stupid low right now so.

How accurate is redfin estimate reddit

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Zillow estimate: $1 I just closed on my house for $195K. We both have identical floorplans, square footage, walk scores, etc. The more unique the property, the less reliable the values will be. 5,074, or 80 percent, had home-value estimates from both Homes None.

The Redfin estimate of the White House is: $33,648,915 (33 million) Vastly more accurate than redfin's own automated estimates for home values. Zillow basically shows me exact same estimate as the price I purchased the home in mid-2021. Redfin changes the past estimate prices based on their daily corrections. As a real estate brokerage, Redfin has complete access to Multiple Listing Services (MLSs), the databases that real estate agents use to list properties. We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us.

There is no "right" or "wrong", no "accurate" or "inaccurate" estimate. It is not a one size fits all type of thing. ….

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" The Redfin estimate of the White House is: $33,648,915 (33 million) Home features listed: 35 bathrooms, 55,000 square feet at $612/square feet. The numbers I received from a local lender were higher than what those online calculators provide. Add them both up and divide by 2.

With the best data, top tech talent and deep agent expertise, Redfin has. Then look up Trulias estimate. 🤯 I'll stick to comps for now We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us.

trimmer spool If it is accurate on any given property, it is by random chance. If you financed the purchase your bank had a professional appraiser determine the value of the property for lending purposes. zillow wisynn industry roll SlopeofEnlightenment ago. zillow mobile homes for sale on oregon coast When it comes to remodeling your kitchen, one of the first steps is often tearing down the existing structure. Never sold a home and don't know /how or what to do. broward county recent arrestsmesmerica coupon codefat angelos cardale In that spirit, here's an example of how the Redfin estimate is plain wrong: We bought a house in a VHCOL area in June 2021 for ~1 I know for a fact that during May/June 2021 before the sale went through that the Redfin estimate for the house was around 130million (perfectly reasonable based on months-old comps and the list. The more unique the property, the less reliable the values will be. matlab vector sum No idea if the interior of the house is falling apart, or if the roof is super old, or the age of appliances, or foundational risk, or a lot of other factors. I am a bot whose sole purpose is to improve the timeliness and accuracy of responses in this subreddit. tiava com14 day weather forecast minneapoliskevin zadai wikipedia Redfin agents are local market experts who provide valuable insights about the selling process and buyers in your area, backed by real data The Redfin Owner Estimate is a tool for homeowners to estimate their home's value that combines the best of machine learning and human insight. I bought a house for $185K in 2017.